August Mountain Run

After some dismal weather all week, it was refreshing to see the rain clouds hold off as we gathered on Brisbane’s north side for our August Mountain Run.

Then the silence was broken as the crackle of not one, not two, but THREE Lamborghini Huracan’s appeared over the hill, followed by a Black Ferrari 458, Orange McLaren and the Artic white Lexus LFA…..

Even the Police could not resist, and came to have a quick look.

As if this was not enough to drool over, the Super Car God’s delivered the Holy Grail…
And in drove the Aston One-77.

It was time to head of on our adventure, and what a day it was going to be…..

Needless to say, the Toyota Yaris did not know where to look!

After weaving our way through some secret back roads, we emerged at our lunch stop at Tranquil Park at Maleny.

With an amazing view and amazing company, we enjoyed a hearty lunch and all chatted about the drive up the mountain.

The car park was like a bag of skittles, with all various coloured cars on show.

After lunch, we all said our goodbye’s and heading back onto the highway and headed home.

Time to wash the cars, and put them back into the garage until next time…….

Pics by: Matthew Finlay / Supa Tony / Benji.

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