Christmas Mega Run

With only 5 days out from Christmas, we only expected a few cars.
But…. we got more than a few!

Meeting bright an early we arrived at Lakeside International Raceway at 7.15am.
The amazing team at lakeside had breakfast for us all and we filled our bellies with a lovely cooked meal.

After our hearty breakfast, it was time to hit the track.
The group was broken into smaller groups and we all got to “Stretch” the legs on our vehicles.

Lakeside certainly brought a smile to all of our faces.

In the style of the Amazing Race, drivers were given special instructions and had to find the next check point.

Urbbana at Portside was one of our checkpoints.
Then we had to find the next one….

The Jetty at Oxford was our next location.
The Bentley fitted in well here.

It seems some of the crew found “Unique” ways to get to the next check points.

The Royal QLD Yacht Squadron was our final destination and lunch stop.
We were given the large grass area in front of the restaurant, and managed to fill it with cars.

Im pretty sure this was a BMW Hovercraft !

After an amazing lunch at the Royal Manly Yacht Squadron, we said our goodbye’s.
And looked forward to the NEXT Brisbane Super Car Club run.

* We would like to thank our sponsors for their efforts on the day!


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