Winter Mountain Run

Central Brisbane was the meeting point for the BSCC Winter run into the mountain.
9am was the meeting time, and just on cue was the sound of roaring engines break the morning silence.

The Ferrari’s were some of the first to arrive, with the 458 stealing the show from the beginning. All the Ferrari’s on this run happened to be…. Red!

We made our way out into the traffic after a short briefing, and we were all eager to get inside out vehicles, as it was a rather cold one.

What a site to see in the rear vision mirror.
We managed to fill both lanes and as always, attracted attention from the onlookers.

The convoy continued through Samford and up over Mt Mee, then on towards the mountains and to our lunch stop at Tranquil Park Maleny.

But of course there were a few stops on the way to take photo’s…. of the cars of course.

After parking at our lunch stop at Tranquil Park, we managed to get a group picture of some of the team.

The noise from one of the cars not driven much was explained….

And our only 2 wheeled member of BSCC was there to have his vehicle turn heads.

We all huddled up in the restaurant with the heater on and the glass windows offering an uninterrupted view of the Glass House Mountains.

Lunch was great (I had the roast), and the team who served us were very welcoming and polite. Considering all the noise we made coming in, and also we took up every last one of their car parks.

After lunch we headed back down the mountain to the free way and said our goodbye’s.
With a few of the Brisbane bound crew all driving back together.

With the highlight on the way back, being a Police Officer in the middle of the highway with a radar gun. Only to look at the gun as if it was broken as we passed by (We were just cruising at 100 in a 110 zone). We were in no hurry, and just enjoying the day, our cars and the drive. And that’s what it is supposed to be about anyway.

Until the next one…. Drive safe!

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