May the 4th be with you.

A casual drive down the freeway brought us to our meeting point for today’s run.
Winter had arrived sooner than we expected with everyone huddled up freezing, but at least we had perfect weather.
Another great variety of vehicles had made an appearance.

Garry’s rocket sled made its way out of the garage to join us.
This car seems to have mods done every time we see it.

This Ferrari’s were out in force as well as the Lamborghini’s.

Brads lamborghini is just covered in Carbon (Hand built by Brad himself)

With around 30 cars we were quickly on our way to our 2nd meeting point of the day to get those who were closer to the Gold Coast.

Then it was time to turn off the Highway and up into the mountains.

A quick regroup before hitting the twisty roads up into the Hinterlands.

This lovely Ferrari 430 had not only a great look, but  a great sound as well.

his Lamborghini is certainly One to Envy, and everywhere you look is Carbon.
Both spoilers, Rear wing, Rear Covers, Door trims and internal trim.
(Hand made by one of our members Brad from Cawthorne Composites Pty Ltd)

We then heading up into the Gold Coast Hinterlands, enjoying the curves of the mountains.
There seemed to be a competition going of who could get the most amount of “stone chips”, with the Lamborghini and Lotus receiving quite a few (The recent road works played havoc with looses rocks).

The roar of the engines echoed, breaking the silence of the wilderness.
But as fast as the sounds appeared…. they were gone again.

Before we knew it we had reached our destination point and parked up, took some photos and went to enjoy the views.

The altitude certainly lowered the temperature and once again we were all huddled together and shivering from the cold.
At least the amazing views over the stunning Gold Coast took our mind off the cold for a short while.

Cameras were on the ready as we all took some happy snaps and peered over the edge at the waterfall and icy cold streams below us.

After heading back to our cars we said our goodbye’s and headed back down the mountain (This time with less traffic in front of us).
That being said, it still made for a few exciting moments of going around a bend to find some cars had stopped on a bridge.
(Thankfully our cars have good brakes and everyone was obeying the speed limits).

Thanks again to everyone who came out and joined us.
It was another great day and we all met some new members and made some new friends.

I look forward to the next one.

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