September Shenanigans

Seeing it was a long time between drives, the crew were eager catch up for another Brisbane Super Car Drive Day.

With out last run being on the Northern end of Brisbane, this time we decided on the South.
Our meeting point was the Yatala BP.
Needless to say we got quite some attention when we all turned up.

It was not long before we were on the freeway heading south.
With a long line of Super Cars taking up a few lanes.

It was not long before we turned off the freeway and made our way up into the mountains.

With our first stop to be at a nice lookout in the mountains, we found it was interrupted by a Para sailing competition. But luckily we found a nice patch of grass a little further on and managed to get some great photo’s and stretch our legs as we discussed our drive up the mountain.

Then it was time to continue and enjoy the twisty mountain side and head to our next location on top of Mt Tamborine.

The roads were a little worse for wear and seemed only wide enough for our cars as we broke the silence of the countryside with the roar of our engines.

A quick stop at the traffic lights on a “One Way” section of Mt Tamborine gave us a quick chance to get some more photo’s.

After a quick squirt up the One Way road we arrived at the top of Mt Tamborine, and waved nicely at the first Police Car we saw.
I looked at my speedo and smiled as I saw that I was doing 58k’s in a 60 zone.

We arrived at the top for our second stop for the day and enjoyed the views.
Although I’m sure not even one photo was taken of the “View”…
But we had our own views……

When you clean your Lamborghini as much as this owner does…
You will get shiny reflections like this in your photo’s.

Someone was obviously NOT paying attention to the cars and managed to capture this)

From Mt Tamborine, was made our way down the Northern side and off to our lunch stop.
It was only a short 30 mins drove and the cars were all lined up for a feed.
The lovely folks at Windaroo Tavern were very accommodating and gave us the use of their car park. The meals were amazing, and their salad bar puts the other well known eatery that sounds like (Wizzler) to shame.

Can you add up the amount of money in the cars above?

The half a million dollars worth Ford GT (above)attracted a LOT of attention on the day.

The Bentley… For those who like to travel in style.. With it’s heated seats and massage chairs…. (OK OK, only slightly jealous)

A BIG Thanks to the Staff and Management at Windaroo Tavern for their hospitality, great meals and a really smooth transition from the road to the carpark.
(There were no bumps to break spoilers, we were VERY impressed)

After lunch, we all said our goodbye’s and headed off home to put our “Toys” back in the garage. Until the next one!!!!!

* Pictures courtesy of Matthew Finlay, Jerri Li, Street Fx.


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